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I’d been planning on doing this project for my daughter’s teacher’s Christmas gift, ever since I first came across it on a blog (sorry, I don’t remember where I first saw it). Then, my son started his special school, so I had 2 teachers to make gifts for.

I read a few different tutorials, but there wasn’t much difference between the tutorials. So I went with this one.

The first one I made was for my son’s teacher and the letter “C”. It was an almost fail. I learned some things, while making the first one, that made the second one a lot easier + prettier.

  • I read this was a simple craft. I confused simple with easy & quick. This is not a 15-30 minute project. However, this is easy if you take your time.
  • Don’t start your project when you don’t have a clear mind at say, 2am. 12:30am or anytime earlier is a far better time to start.
  • “C” is not an easy letter to start with because it has no straight sides.

DIY Tips

  • Print the letter you want to use as your stencil, in the size you want the finished crayon letter to be.
  • Cut the letter out & reverse the letter by placing it upside down on your workspace. Use the reversed letter as your guide when placing/cutting crayons.
  • I lined up the crayons on top of the reversed letter, in the order I wanted to use them, before I even started cutting.
  • Since I was using the same colors on the stick side of the “P” as the curve (i.e. same red crayon would be split & about 1/2 used on the left {stick} side and the other 1/2 on the right {curved} side of the letter), I only measured them out for the P’s stick.
  • Be light when “scoring” the crayons all the way around (I used way more force than was necessary the first time around)
  • I had a lot of trouble gluing the crayons together the first time around. I had that stringy hot glue gun stuff everywhere. The second time around, I developed a process. I’d cut a crayon & place it on the reversed letter. Once I had 2-3 crayons lined up like I wanted, I simply ran the hot glue gun over the cracks where the crayons were touching. (Since I was placing the crayons on the reversed side of the letter, the backside faced up.) Once I figured this out, it was life changing.
  • In order to cut the crayons for the curved side, so that they had the right slanted angle:
    • I removed the letter out from under the crayons I had already glued together
    • Placed the crayons for the curved side about where I thought I wanted them
    • Placed the cut-out letter (stencil) on top of the crayons, still reversed, & adjusted the curved side crayons into a better position
    • Lightly drew along the inside curve of the stencil with a pencil, so each crayon had an angled mark on where to cut them
  • When cutting the slanted crayons, I found that cutting on the seam side of the crayon paper helped to keep the paper from unwrapping/tearing as you cut through the crayon.

That’s pretty much it! When I implemented these tips, my letter was a lot more solid than the first one, so it was a lot easier to glue to some craft paper.

If you have more tips to add, please share them with us!

xo, Kayla

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